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Creating a better future for food producers to consumers

We want to deliver the most delicious moment to the world. Everyone has an unforgettable experience of eating at that time, in that place, with that person. If we could deliver that again, food would be much more enjoyable.

We hope to create a world where people can enjoy food as “entertainment” while being moved by and appreciating it. We envision such a future.

What We Do

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Product Sales

For nine years, we at DAY BREAK have probed every aspect of commercial food freezing, exploring and validating various principles behind types of special refrigeration and how well they suit different foods, and, as a result, we have developed a proprietary freezer loaded with the optimal techniques and expertise for special refrigeration. After a long period of time, we were finally able to commercialize this Special Flash freezer.

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Special Flash Freeze Consultation

DayBreak is not just a company selling freezers. We have realized the “Smart Freeze Factory Model”, which includes consultation on the manufacturing process of high-quality frozen foods for customers who have installed our freezers. By combining cutting-edge technology with the highest quality freezing expertise accumulated over many years, we provide our customers with unapparelled freezing solutions.

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Special Flash Frozen Food Distribution

We use our own “special freezing technology” to preserve carefully selected ingredients that are delicious and fresh. We deliver them to you with their freshness and taste intact. The ingredients are processed to be easy to use, It can be used in a variety of menus.

Quality without precedent

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The Micro-Wind System freezes food fast without damage

Conventional wisdom has it that food freezing is best when the food is cooled as fast as possible. Freezing food quickly requires two things: increasing the air velocity and lowering the temperature as far as possible. But our research revealed that doing this damages the food, causing deterioration such as dryness, cracking, oxidation, and discoloration. To solve these problems and preserve your food, we have developed the Micro-Wind System. It delivers high-quality refrigeration while minimizing damage to your valuable food. The system incorporates a new mechanism that boosts efficiency by taking advantage of a special principle to cool the air.

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Company Profile

Company Name

DayBreak Co., Ltd.

Company Name

Special Flash Freezing Solution Business 1. Product Sales 2. Special Flash Freeze Consultation 3. Special Flash Frozen Food Distribution


Niuke-building 2-2-33 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawaku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan 1F Future Lab / 2F Showroom & factory/ 5F Main office

Our Vision

Creating a better future for food producers to consumers

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Masayuki Kinoshita